What are the startup costs and what do they include?

After your initial franchise fee is paid, other estimated costs include the fit out for your Complete Feet clinic and retail store with the necessary equipment, fixtures and initial inventory; owner’s registration fees for the 3rd party Pedorthic School training, professional advisory fees, insurance deposits and 3-months of working capital.

How long does it take to open?

The time to open depends on how quickly you find a location and complete your Pedorthic School. You will need to register for the next available class – offered quarterly. Once you find a retail site, sign your lease, you should be able to open in as few as 4 to 6 months.

If I am not already licensed, what will it take to become a Pedorthist?

We have this covered. In our 3-part training program, you will need to register and attend 2 to 3 weeks of Pedorthic School which is online and in person; classes are available quarterly. You will also participate in management training in Birmingham, AL franchise clinic to learn the daily operations necessary to operate a Complete Feet clinic and retail store. After completing both of these pre-opening training requirements, we will provide on-site support for you, assessing your local staff, clinic and retail store set up to ensure that you are ready to start your clinical hours. All of the Complete Feet owners will be expected to complete training and achieve licensing in their first year of operation.

Can I hire a licensed Pedorthist?

Yes! While there are still some aspects of training that are critical to the Complete Feet ownership opportunity, if you have a licensed Pedorthist who will partner with you in your clinic, you can likely reduce the time to open. We strongly recommend you obtain licensing, but you can start the process when you are ready to achieve certification.

Do I have to become a Pedorthist?

Yes. If you do not currently hold Pedorthic certification and licensing, you will follow the training to achieve your accreditation as part of your Complete Feet ownership training.

Can I own more than one store?

Yes! In our model, we believe that most Complete Feet owners will own more than one retail store and support those locations from one operating medical clinic.

How many people does it take to run the store?

We recommend between 1 and 3 retail sales and support staff. You can hire full or part time staff as you grow to meet the demand in your Complete Feet clinic and retail store.

How easy is it to become a Pedorthist?

We have been there and done that. In our initial conversations, we will discuss this with you; we know that if you want to do it, you can obtain the required licensing! Remember, your Complete Feet franchise team will be available to help answer your questions and support you every step of the way. It is expected that your clinic will be able to operate as soon as you obtain the initial pre-certification required in your state & local area. You will be able to start operating the retail store while you complete the remaining licensing requirements in year one.

How rewarding is Complete Feet Ownership?

From an intangible and emotional aspect, helping your local clients walk and live without pain is priceless. From a financial perspective, we can’t answer that question directly, BUT we will share our Financial Performance Representation, called an Item 19 in our Franchise Disclosure Document. This highlights affiliate financial history that can be a useful tool to help you evaluate the Return On your Investment.